Premarché Gelateria and Alternative Junk (Nakameguro)

Premarché Gelateria and Alternative Junk

[Vegetarian Gelato]
[Vegan Gelato]
If you want to enjoy vegan or vegetarian gelatos, Gelato Premarché Gelateria is really recommended.
Their gelatos do not use white sugar and MSG.



[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Mexican Vegan Menu]
[Mexican Vegetarian Menu]
If you like Mexican food, especially Burrito, this restaurant is recommended. You can enjoy vegan Burrito here!

Chikyu wo Tabisuru CAFE (Takadanobaba)

Okara Cake of Black Soy Beans and Matcha

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
If you like journey, I recommend this Chikyu wo Tabisuru CAFE
This cafe is not just for vegan or vegetarian but it also has tasty vegan and vegetarian foods on the menu.

Visited GIFT & CRAFT Mita!!


[Vegan & Vegetarian and Organic Items]
This place is not cafe or restaurant but I picked up as it also handles vegan or vegetarian items along with organic products.

Café Nature (Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture)

Vegetable Bolognese

[Vegan Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
This place is not in Tokyo but in Okayama Prefecture.
But it was very good organic & vegan cafe so I introduce here.

Chipoon (Harajuku)

Chipoon (Vegan Noodle)

[Vegan Noodle]
[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
I wondered if there is a place where I can enjoy vegan noodle and found it after checking online!
That’s Chipoon, to which I introduce you this time!

wired bonbon Shinjuku

wired bonbon Shinjuku

[Vegan Parfait]
[Vegan Dessert]
[Vegan and Vegetarian Menu]
[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
I sometimes see vegetarian or vegan cake nowadays at care or restaurants but not parfait.
So I checked online and found this wired bonbon on the top page.

Saishoku Bento (Vegan Lunch Box)

Saishoku Bento (Vegan Lunch Box)

[Vegan and Vegetarian Lunch Box]
It is very rare to find a lunchbox for vegetarian or vegan in Japan.
But there is just one lunch box which got a certification of vegan officially.

CoCo ICHIBANYA (Vegetarian Curry)


[Non-Vegan Menu]
[Vegetarian Curry]
Have you ever tried curry here in Japan?
You can enjoy vegetarian curry now!
That’s the shop I introduce this time CoCo ICHIBANYA.