VEGE HERB SAGA (Okachimachi)(Ueno)

Indian Vegetarian Dishes of VEGE HERB SAGA

[Vegetarian Indina Curry]
[Vegetarian Menu]

Not vegan but authentic vegetarian Indian curry you can enjoy here! Closest station is Okachimachi Station but it’s also walking distance from Ueno Station!

VEGE HERB SAGA (Okachimachi)(Ueno)


[Veggie Curry]Here at the VEGE HERB SAGA, you can enjoy both vegetarian and vegan dishes of India! Indian people also visit the restaurant!!


Muffin of Guruatsu

[Vegan Muffin & Scone]
If you like sweets such as scone and muffin, here is the place.
What they offer is soy milk scones and tofu muffins.

T’s Tantan Ueno

T's vegan ramen soy sauce

[Vegan Ramen]
[Vegan Menu]
So far T’s Tantan is the best among several ramen shop I’ve ever had.
I sometimes visited T’s Tantan in Tokyo station but new shop was made inside Ueno station last December!

Fucha Ryori Bon

Menu of Fucha Ryori Bon

[Vegan Menu]
[Japanese Shojin Cuisine]
Fucha Ryori is a vegetarian dish that is introduced from China by Zen monk


Menu of Nezunoya

[Vegan Menu]
Nezunoya is a vegan restaurant where you can enjoy brown rice