Muffin of Guruatsu

[Vegan Muffin & Scone]
If you like sweets such as scone and muffin, here is the place.
What they offer is soy milk scones and tofu muffins.

Kippy’s COCO-CREAM (Vegan and Vegetarian Ice Cream)


[Vegan Ice Cream]
The ice creams they make do not include dairy products, sugar, gluten.
It’s origin is California in US so they have two shops now, California in US and Tokyo in Japan.


Vegan Soft Ice Cream of KIPPY'S COCO CREAM

[Vegan Soft Ice Cream]
KIPPY’S COCO CREAM is the place where you can enjoy selected vegan soft serve ice cream. As it is a vegan, they don’t use milk, sugar, even gluten.

Taiyakiya Yui and Okashiya Mimoza

Ozezai of Taiyakiya Yui and Okashiya Mimoza

[Vegan Taiyaki]
[Vegan Bread]
[Vegan Sweets]
This shop doesn’t make vegan Taiyaki anymore includes vegan bread or sweets but it was rare shop and it might start selling some vegan bread or sweets again in the future, so I included here.

Kanro Shichifukujin

Kanro Shichifukujin

[Japanese traditional Vegan Sweet]
[Macrobiotic Menu]
Do you like traditional Japanese sweets?
Then I recommend you this Kanro Shichifukujin. It also focuses on macrobiotics, so white sugar, milk, egg, dairy products are not used.

[Closed] SIRAM Nishi-Ogikubo

Cake of SIRAM Nishiogikubo

[Vegan Sweets Menu]
Sorry, this shop was closed on July 2017 but I leave this page just for information. SIRAM is a specialty vegan sweets shop.



[Vegan Muffin]
Do you like muffin?
Is so, this GO! MUFFINS GO! is recommended as it specializes in Muffins.

MOR Happiness

Menu of MOR Happiness

[Raw and Gluten-free Sweet]
Here is very rare vegan sweets shop which focus even on a raw food as well as vegan

Wa no Kashi Meguri

Sweets of Wa no Kashi Meguri

[Japanese traditional Vegan Sweet]
Do you like sweets and want traditional Japanese sweets?
Then this Wa no Kashi Meguri is recommended