IKEA Shibuya

Plant-based Dish of IKEA Shibuya

[Plant-based Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]

IKEA Shibuya offers a variety of plant-based foods! I enjoyed Plant-based Fish & Chips and Veggie Balls this time!

VEGE HERB SAGA (Okachimachi)(Ueno)

Indian Vegetarian Dishes of VEGE HERB SAGA

[Vegetarian Indina Curry]
[Vegetarian Menu]

Not vegan but authentic vegetarian Indian curry you can enjoy here! Closest station is Okachimachi Station but it’s also walking distance from Ueno Station!

CHAYA Natural & Wild Table Hibiya

Macrobi Garden Plate of CHAYA Natural & Wild Table Hibiya

[Macrobiotic Dish]
[Vegan Dish]
[Vegan Menu]

CHAYA Natural & Wild Table Hibiya is the place where you can enjoy macrobiotic dishes using organic and specially cultivated vegetables!

HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe Shinjuku

Vegan Dish of HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe Shinjuku Marui Honkan

[Vegan CBD Dish]
[Vegan Menu]

Here HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe Shinjuku, you can enjoy vegan dishes with CBD! It was a rare experience to me!!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Cafeteria (Shinjuku)

Veggie Lunch at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building's Cafeteria

[Vegetarian Menu]
Even general public can enjoy veggie meals at the cafeteria of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building as long as we follow the proper procedures. I enjoyed veggie lunch set, so I’ll introduce the menu and the atmosphere!!

FarmMart & Friends (Yotsuya)(Shinjuku)

Vegan Cereal Doughnut of FarmMart & Friends

[Vegan Doughnuts]
[Vegan Swets]

I enjoyed vegan doughnut at FarmMart & Friends this time! It was located in a calm residential area in Shinjuku.

Vegan Ice Cream Sold at Japanese Convenience Store and Supermarket!

Vegan Ice Cream COOLish Green

[Vegan Ice Cream]

vegan ice cream has become available even at convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.I would like to introduce four vegan ice creams available at Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets!

Somen Sososo Laboratory Shibuya Hikarie

Somen Sososo Laboratory Shibuya Hikarie

[Vegetarian Noodles]
[Vegetarian Foods]

Here Somen Sososo Shibuya Hikarie, you can enjoy Japanese thinnest veggie noodles. I enjoyed Japanese-style Corn Soy Somen with plant-based ice cream this time!

Coconut Glen’s Ikebukuro

Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

[Vegan Ice Creams]
[Vegan Sweets]

Coconut’s Glen’s opened in Ikebukuro in 2022! I enjoyed their tasty vegan ice creams made based on organic coconuts milk!