Komeda is □ Higashiginza

Komeda is □ Higashiginza

[Vegan Menu]
Komeda Coffee is one of the big chain restaurants in Japan and they opened plant-based cafe in Higashiginza this time!!

MOS Burger started to sell vegan burger called Green Burger!!

Green Burger of MOS Burger

[Vegan Burger]
Japanese hamburger chain shop MOS Burger started selling vegan burger called Green Burger! I went to MOS Burger this time to check it out!

Family Mart Started Selling Vegan Keema Curry this time!!

Soy Meat Keema Curry has been sold at a convenience store Family Mart now!

Family Mart Started Selling Vegan Hamburg Steak Bowl in Tokyo!

Vegan Hamburg Bowl of Family Mart

Family Mart, which is one of the major convenience stores in Japan, started selling Vegan Hamburg Bowl on 17th March!

Joined Vegan Food Tour of Magical Trip!!

Joined Vegan Food Tour of Magical Trip

[Vegan Food Tour]
I joined Vegan Food Tour offered by Magical Trip this time!
Through the tour, I could get new information of vegan cafes!!



[Vegan Convenience Store]
[Japanese Vegan Dish]
VEGAN STORE is the special shop and restaurant for vegan.
No need to worry or check ingredients as it is all made of vegetables here.

Gonpachi Shibuya

Vegan Sushi of Gonpachi Shiubya

[Vegan Sushi]
This not special shop for vegan but you have vegan sushi and vegan roll in their menu.
I tried both of them this time!

COCONUT GLEN’S Omotesando (Harajuku)


[Vegan Ice Cream]
This vegan ice cream shop came from Maui island in Hawai!
No dairy products or egg and made based on organic coconuts.
It was very tasty ice cream!

Went to Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival 2019!

Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival

Went to Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival 2019 which had been held on 29th September.
Here I’ll introduce a part of the atmosphere with video.