Vegan Ice Cream Sold at Japanese Convenience Store and Supermarket!

Vegan Ice Cream COOLish Green

[Vegan Ice Cream]

vegan ice cream has become available even at convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.I would like to introduce four vegan ice creams available at Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets!

Somen Sososo Laboratory Shibuya Hikarie

Somen Sososo Laboratory Shibuya Hikarie

[Vegetarian Noodles]
[Vegetarian Foods]

Here Somen Sososo Shibuya Hikarie, you can enjoy Japanese thinnest veggie noodles. I enjoyed Japanese-style Corn Soy Somen with plant-based ice cream this time!

Coconut Glen’s Ikebukuro

Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

[Vegan Ice Creams]
[Vegan Sweets]

Coconut’s Glen’s opened in Ikebukuro in 2022! I enjoyed their tasty vegan ice creams made based on organic coconuts milk!

MOS Burger Started Selling Plant-based Fish Burger called Soy Sea Burger!

Soy Sea Burger (Plant-based Burger) of MOS Burger

[Vegan Burger]

MOS Burger started selling a plant-based fish burger called Soy Sea Burger! I introduce this new burger here!

Sakuratei (Harajuku)

Vegetarian Okonomiyaki of Sakuratei Harajuku

[Vegetarian Okonomiyaki]
[Vegan Okonomiyaki]

This is the only place you can enjoy veggie okonomiyaki in Tokyo as far as I know! I ordered Vegetarian Okonomiyaki this time!

Taiyaki Wakaba (Yotsuya)

Vegan Taiyaki of Taiyaki Wakaba

[Vegan Taiyaki]
[Vegan Sweets]

Taiyaki Wakaba offers vegan taiyaki! This is the only shop you can enjoy vegan taiyaki in Tokyo!!

Universal Bakes Nicome (Shimokitazawa)

Universal Bakes Nicome

[Vegan Bread]
[Vegan Sweets]

Universal Bakes Nicome offers tasty vegan breads! Not only vegan breads but vegan doughnuts and muffins they sell!

Sunday Brunch Shimokitazawa x Coji Coji (Pop-up Cafe)

Vegan Pumpkin Cream Udon of Sunday Brunch Shimokitazawa x Coji Coji

[Vegan Menus]
[Vegetarian Menus]

Collab. Cafe of Coji Coji and Sunday Brunch Shimikitazawa offers vegan and vegetarian menu! I went to the cafe to try the veggie dishes!!

8ablish Ginza

8ablish Ginza

[Vegan Sweets]
[Vegan Cakes]

8ablish Ginza is the place you can enjoy vegan and gluten-free sweets! I bought vegan cake and muffin this time!!