Doutor Coffee

Doutor Coffee (Whole Wheat Flour Sand Soy Meat)

Doutor Coffee started selling plant-based Burgeer in 2020. I went to the shop to try it!!


Subway Veggie Delite

[Vegetarian Sandwich]
There are 2 sandwiches vegetarian people can enjoy at Subway in Japan!
They are Veggie Delite and Avocado & Veggie!

Ippudo Ikebukuro

Plant Base Akamaru of Ippudo Ikebukuro

[Vegan Ramen]
[Vegetarian Ramen]
Popular Japanese Ramen Chain Shop Ippudo started to sell Vegan Ramen called Plant Base Akamaru!!
I went to Ippudo Ikebukuro to try it!!

fruits and season (Ebisu)

fruits and season (Ebisu)

[Vegan Sandwich]
[Vegan Dessert]
The first vegan fruits sandwich shop in Japan opened in Ebisu!
It got a lot of attention and people lined up in front of the shop to buy the vegan sandwiches!!

Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas Cake in Japan 2020

Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas Cake in Japan 2020

In Japan, Christmas cake is a vital part to celebrate Christmas.
Now you can enjoy vegan and vegetarian Christmas cakes in Japan!!

Vegan and Vegetarian foods of Family Mart (Convenience Store) in Japan

Vegan and Vegetarian food of Family Mart (Convenience Store)

Japanese convenience store Family Mart sell some vegan and vegetarian foods!
I’ll introduce what I tried here!!

The Vegetarian Butcher Ikebukuro

The Vegetarian Butcher Ikebukuro

[Vegan Burger]
[Vegetarian Burger]
You can enjoy vegan and vegetarian burgers here!
Located underground but cozy and cheerful atmosphere inside!

OIMO cafe Zenpukuji (Kichijoji)

OIMO cafe Zenpukuji

[Sweet Potato Menu]
You can enjoy sweet potatoes here!
They bake the sweet potatoes in a special style called Tsuboyaki!



[Vegan Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
[Gluten-free Menu]
BOTANIST is a famous brand for a botanical shampoo, treatment, soap, etc.
It opened its cafe in Harajuku (Meiji-jingu Mae) and here you can enjoy plant-based foods and drinks