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Belviakan 1F, 2-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Google Map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/dcPguJCMFYbEccDJA

Ginza Ichome Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)
Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Marunouchi Line/Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
Yurakucho Station (JR Yamanote Line)

03-3528-6811 (+81-3-3528-6811)

32 Seats

Opening Hours
11:00 – 21:00 (Last Order : 20:15)(Monday to Saturday)
11:00 – 20:00 (Last Order : 19:15)(Sunday)

Shop Holidays
Irregular Holiday

Website (Japanese)

2foods is a restaurant that serves a wide range of plant-based dishes!

They have another cafe in Shibuya which I had been to once and I came to this cafe in Ginza this time!

The restaurant opened in November 2021.

I had a vegan omelette rice and cake that I’d like to introduce here.


2foods Ginza

The nearest stations are Ginza 1-chome or Ginza station.

You can also use JR Yurakucho Station from which about a 5-minute walk to get.

I went from Yurakucho Station this time, so I will tell you how to get there from Yurakucho Station.

Exit JR Yurakucho Station from the central exit.
With your back to the station, walk straight down Ginza Marronnier Street (the street to the right of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of the station).

You will come to the Ginza 2-chome Nishi intersection, cross the street and continue straight ahead.

After about 100 meters, you will see the Burberry Ginza store on your left that turn left there.

Walk about 50 meters and you will see 2foods Ginza Loft on your left.

Google Map of2foods Ginza


To 2foods Ginza

2foods Ginza Loft

2foods Ginza Loft looks lively and stands out from the outside!

The appearance is quite unusual for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Japan!

To 2foods Ginza Loft

I can feel 2foods’ concept of healthy junk food that is not only healthy but also delicious and exciting from the appearance.

Even people who don’t know about the cafe will be drawn to it.!

There was a menu sign in the storefront, so I checked out the various dishes here.

Menu Sign of 2foods Ginza Loft

Atmosphere Inside

Inside of Menu Sign of 2foods Ginza Loft

Various vegan foods inside!

Inside of the 2foods Ginza Loft

Demi-glace sauce

Vegan demi-glace sauce

Croissants and doughnuts

Vegan croissants and doughnuts

Frozen eggs and ice creams

Frozen eggs and ice creams

It’s just surprising that all of them are made with vegetables!

Order Vegan Menu

Vegan Menu of 1foods Ginza Loft

I am quite intrigued by the burgers on the menu.

But vegan burgers are pretty much everywhere now.

From a blogging point of view, plant-based eggs are still very rare, so I’ll have an omelette rice!

For dessert, I was thinking about ordering ice cream because it was hot today, but in the end I went with gâteau chocolat.

I went to the counter and asked just in case.
“Is everything on the menu here vegan?”

Is everything from croissants to donuts vegan?
I was curious if they really don’t use any eggs or butter or dairy products at all.

“Yes, all of our menu items are vegan”
The staff answered me.

Great, I had never heard of vegan croissants, among other things!

“Can I order now?”
I asked.

“Sorry, you can only order from the QR code set on the table of your seat”

Oh, I see, they use a QR system.

Looking back, all the tables in the restaurant were full, but a couple of counter seats were unoccupied.

Seats of 2foods Ginza Loft

So I took a counter seat and read the QR code set on the table.

QR Code for Menu of 2foods Ginza Loft

Here are the menus which I took a screenshot on my mobile.

Menu of 2foods Ginza Loft
Menu of 2foods Ginza Loft
Menu of 2foods Ginza Loft
Menu of 2foods Ginza Loft
Menu of 2foods Ginza Loft

After the order, it looks like they take the dishes to my table.

QR Code is convenient.

There were 3 types of omelette rice but I chose standard omelette rice with ketchup on the top.

They also had some cakes including no-bake cheese cake and I ordered gâteau chocolat.

Ever Egg Omelette Rice

Ever Egg Omelette Rice of 2foods Ginza Loft

First came the Ever Egg Omelette Rice.

The price is about $8(1310 yen).

It looks like a normal omelet rice.
However, no eggs or butter are used.

Ever Egg Omelette Rice of 2foods Ginza Loft

They say this egg is made mainly from carrots and white kidney beans.

So it has zero cholesterol, they say.

The taste was, to be honest, I felt it was different from that of real egg

As for the fluffy texture, I felt it was quite similar to that of runny scrambled egg.

Eating it with ketchup and rice, I felt that, yes, it would be like an omelette rice.

The ketchup rice inside was made mixed with corn and soy meat, which complemented the texture of the rice.

It is still quite difficult to reproduce the taste of a real egg, but the fluffy texture was nice.

Gâteau au chocolat

Gâteau au chocolat of 2foods Ginza Loft

Next dish is Gâteau au chocolat.

The price is about $3.6(580yen).

Gâteau au chocolat of 2foods Ginza Loft

The texture is more firm than I expected!

The flavor is quite rich!

This is delicious!

They are made with ultra-fine brown rice flour processed using 2foods’ special manufacturing method.

Almond milk is used instead of milk.
Beet sugar is used in place of white sugar.

The flavor is further enhanced when served with the light whipped cream that accompanies it!

Of course, this whipped cream is also made with vegetables, not whipped cream made from milk.

This gateau chocolat tastes authentic!

It’s just surprising that they could make this quality only from vegetables!

The rich flavor would go well with coffee.



It’s amazing that everything from omelettes to ice cream, cakes, doughnuts, and croissants are all vegan!

To be honest, I felt the plant-based eggs were different from real eggs, but I still felt they were close to the real eggs as far as texture.

Next time I want to try the vegan doughnuts, croissants and ice cream.

They also have a cafe in Shibuya, so you can visit the 2foods Shibuya as well as Ginza!