2foods Ginza Loft

Vegan Dish of 2foods Ginza Loft

[Plant-based Menu]
[Vegan Menu]

If you wanna try vegan junk food in Ginza, 2foods Ginza is reoommended! You can enjoy vegan burger, omelette rice, donuts, croissant, ice cream, etc. here!

CHAYA Natural & Wild Table Hibiya

Macrobi Garden Plate of CHAYA Natural & Wild Table Hibiya

[Macrobiotic Dish]
[Vegan Dish]
[Vegan Menu]

CHAYA Natural & Wild Table Hibiya is the place where you can enjoy macrobiotic dishes using organic and specially cultivated vegetables!

8ablish Ginza

8ablish Ginza

[Vegan Sweets]
[Vegan Cakes]

8ablish Ginza is the place you can enjoy vegan and gluten-free sweets! I bought vegan cake and muffin this time!!

AIN SOPH. Ginza (Take Out)

Vegan Sweets of AIN SOPH. Ginza

[Vegan Sweets]
If you wanna enjoy vegan sweets in Ginza, AIN SOPH. Ginza is my recommendation! I took out vegan pudding and tiramisu this time!

the vegan marshmallooow Ginza

Vegan Cakes of the vegan marshmallow

[Vegan Cake]
You can enjoy vegan cakes here at the vegan marshmallow in Ginza. I introduce you two vegan cakes which I bought here!!

Komeda is □ Higashiginza

Komeda is □ Higashiginza

[Vegan Menu]
Komeda Coffee is one of the big chain restaurants in Japan and they opened plant-based cafe in Higashiginza this time!!

Rose Bakery Ginza

Vegetable Plate of Rose Bakery Ginza

[Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
This is not a perfect vegan shop as some menus have, egg, fish, etc. But they mainly use vegetables for the dishes and focus on natural products, so vegetarian can also enjoy that I chose.

Raw Life Cafe GINZA

Menu of Raw Life Cafe GINZA

[Raw Food, Juice & Smoothie]
[Vegan Menu]
This Low Life Cafe is a special cafe for raw food. It has not only food but also cold-pressed juice, smoothie and raw sweets.


Lunch Box Menu of AIN SOPH Ginza

[Vegan Menu]
AIN SOPH is a vegan restaurant. So you can enjoy perfect vegan dishes without, meat, fish, egg, daily products, etc. here.