OIMO cafe Zenpukuji (Kichijoji)

OIMO cafe Zenpukuji

[Sweet Potato Menu]
You can enjoy sweet potatoes here!
They bake the sweet potatoes in a special style called Tsuboyaki!

Went to Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival 2019!

Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival

Went to Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival 2019 which had been held on 29th September.
Here I’ll introduce a part of the atmosphere with video.

Café Nature (Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture)

Vegetable Bolognese

[Vegan Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
This place is not in Tokyo but in Okayama Prefecture.
But it was very good organic & vegan cafe so I introduce here.

Chipoon (Harajuku)

Chipoon (Vegan Noodle)

[Vegan Noodle]
[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
I wondered if there is a place where I can enjoy vegan noodle and found it after checking online!
That’s Chipoon, to which I introduce you this time!

Cafe maru

Menu of Cafe maru

[Vegan Menu]
If you want to enjoy atmosphere of an ordinary Japanese house, here is the place. The cafe is actually a house, it is just like the house local people live in.

MOR Happiness

Menu of MOR Happiness

[Raw and Gluten-free Sweet]
Here is very rare vegan sweets shop which focus even on a raw food as well as vegan

Sarasya Shinsencyaen

Menu of Sarasya Shinsencyaen

[Vegan Menu]
Sarasya Shinsencyaen offers various types of selected Chinese tea with vegan dishes

Deva Deva Cafe

Deva Deva Cafe Menu

[Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
Cuisine of Deva Deva Cafe is made in the concept of wisdom of Vegetarianism