Itadori Cafe

Vegetable Curry of Itadori Cafe

[Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
Itadori cafe is a vegan cafe but it might use egg or daily products depends on the menu.
Popular menu of the cafe is vegetable curry.
This is a perfect vegan curry.

Nakaichi Soshoku-ten

Menu of Nakaichi Soshoku-ten

[Taiwanese Vegetarian Menu]
This is a restaurant that offers Taiwanese vegetarian dishes. But fist of all, I have to add the dishes might use MSG.

Taiyakiya Yui and Okashiya Mimoza

Ozezai of Taiyakiya Yui and Okashiya Mimoza

[Vegan Taiyaki]
[Vegan Bread]
[Vegan Sweets]
This shop doesn’t make vegan Taiyaki anymore includes vegan bread or sweets but it was rare shop and it might start selling some vegan bread or sweets again in the future, so I included here.