Itadori Cafe

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Vegetable Curry of Itadori Cafe
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2-12-16 Nishi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo
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Kunitachi Station (Chuo line)

042-505-8977 (+81-3-2505-8977)

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Opening Hours
11:00 – 18:00

Shop Holidays
Monday and Tuesday

Website (Facebook)(Japanese)

Itadori cafe is a vegan cafe but it might use egg or daily products depends on the menu.

Popular menu of the cafe is vegetable curry.
This is a perfect vegan curry.

As for sweets, it is mainly made for a vegan but a few sweets might use egg or daily products so please ask the owner for the details.
You can also enjoy scorn, biscotto, organic coffee, grain coffee without caffeine.

I think this is not a big cafe but a small cafe with a few seats.
It might takes about 15 minutes from Kunitachi station.
Still I think it offers you a slow relaxing time which you can not experience in a big chain restaurant.

Google Map of Itadori cafe