ovgo B.A.K.E.R (SODA BAR Ebisu)

Vegan Cookies of ovgo B.A.K.E.R

[Vegan Cookies]At the SODA BAR Ebisu, you can enjoy vegan cookies of ovgo B.A.K.E.R! They offer you quality cookies made from domestic or organic ingredients!!

fruits and season (Ebisu)

fruits and season (Ebisu)

[Vegan Sandwich]
[Vegan Dessert]
The first vegan fruits sandwich shop in Japan opened in Ebisu!
It got a lot of attention and people lined up in front of the shop to buy the vegan sandwiches!!

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation Atre Ebisu

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation Ebisu

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
[Raw Cold Pressed Juice]
[Gluten-free Menu]
[Vegan Sweets]
This is not a perfect vegetarian restaurant but as the word “Adaptation” in the name shows, it can offer various types dishes.
The dishes they prepare are wide range from vegan, gluten-free, raw food to macrobiotic.



[Cold-pressed Juice & Smoothie]
This is the first specialty cold-pressed juice shop in Japan


Menu of KO-SO CAFE

[Vegan Menu]
[Halal Menu]
This Ko-SO CAFE focuses on enzymes which alive in fruits and vegetables

marugo deli ebisu

Menu of marugo deli ebisu

[Raw Juice & Smoothie Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
Main menu of marugo deli ebisu is fresh juice and smoothie

Rainbow RawFood

Menu of Rainbow RawFood

[Raw Food Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
Literally, here is the place where you can enjoy raw food at reasonable price

[Closed] Organic Cafe han

Menu of Organic Cafe han

[Vegan Menu] Vegetables used here are organic or non-chemical from contracted farmers in Kyoto