Coconut Glen’s Ikebukuro

Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

[Vegan Ice Creams]
[Vegan Sweets]

Coconut’s Glen’s opened in Ikebukuro in 2022! I enjoyed their tasty vegan ice creams made based on organic coconuts milk!

T’s Tantan Ikebukuro

Vegan Ramen and Vegan Cheese of T's Tantan Ikebukuro

[Vegan Ramen]
[Vegan Menu]

T’s Tantan opened in 2020 inside of the Ikebukuro Station! You can enjoy very tasty vegan noodles here!!

TSUMUGU CAFE (Ikebukuro)

Lunch of TSUMUGU CAFE in Ikebukuro

[Vegan Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]

I’ve always wanted to visit this TSUMUGU CAFE! Here, you can enjoy Taiwanese vegan or vegetarian dishes!!


Subway Veggie Delite

[Vegetarian Sandwich]
There are 2 sandwiches vegetarian people can enjoy at Subway in Japan!
They are Veggie Delite and Avocado & Veggie!

Ippudo Ikebukuro

Plant Base Akamaru of Ippudo Ikebukuro

[Vegan Ramen]
[Vegetarian Ramen]
Popular Japanese Ramen Chain Shop Ippudo started to sell Vegan Ramen called Plant Base Akamaru!!
I went to Ippudo Ikebukuro to try it!!

The Vegetarian Butcher Ikebukuro

The Vegetarian Butcher Ikebukuro

[Vegan Burger]
[Vegetarian Burger]
You can enjoy vegan and vegetarian burgers here!
Located underground but cozy and cheerful atmosphere inside!



[Vegan Desserts]
Here at DESSERT ATELIER TAKAGIYA, you can enjoy selected vegan desserts.
Organic, domestic and no chemicals are used for the desserts they serve.


2 Dish Combo

[Vegan Menu]
Here at VEGETARIAN BREAST, you can enjoy vegan dishes.
They use organic vegetables as best they can.

Kanro Shichifukujin

Kanro Shichifukujin

[Japanese traditional Vegan Sweet]
[Macrobiotic Menu]
Do you like traditional Japanese sweets?
Then I recommend you this Kanro Shichifukujin. It also focuses on macrobiotics, so white sugar, milk, egg, dairy products are not used.