TSUMUGU CAFE (Ikebukuro)

Vegan Menu Vegetarian Menu

Lunch of TSUMUGU CAFE in Ikebukuro

I’ve always wanted to visit this TSUMUGU CAFE since I passed the cafe last year.

They say the origin of the name came from “Making happiness by weaving each events in our life”.

It is not a perfect vegan cafe but they offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian menu.

3-36-20 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Google Map : https://goo.gl/maps/FY7iiqK6rjvRVzUn9

Kanamecho Station, Ikebukuro Station

03-5927-8889 (+81-3-5927-8889)

Around 30 Seats

Opening Hours
11:00 – 20:00 (Last Order : 19:30)

Shop Holidays
Irregular Holidays

Website (Japanese)

Access to TSUMUGU CAFE From Ikebukuro Station


You can get to TSUMUGU CAFE in about 15 minutes on foot from the west exit of the Ikebukuro Station.

The distance is about 1 km or so.

Actually, closest station is Kanamecho Station and 5-minute walk from the Kanamecho Station but I think most people use Ikebukuro Station, so here I introduce the way from the Ikebukuro Station.

Recommended way is using underground walkway of the west exit of the Ikebukuro Station.

With the west exit of the Ikebukukro station in your back, go straight the underground walkway and go out at C4 exit.

Diagonally forward left, you’ll see a path which leads to the Rikkyo University, so take the path and keep going about 10 minutes along the path.

The, you’ll find TSUMUGU CAFE on the left.

If you get to the main street (National Route 317), you’ve gone past the cafe, so please remember it is before the maint street.



Went out of the underground walkway and went along the street all the way to got to the TSUMUGU CAFE.

I think I walked for about 10 to 15 minutes but it was a good exercise.

Cute entrance!!


I could see a cute hand-painted picture of family members (maybe) riding on the scooter on the glass of the entrance.

There was a also wooden signboard of Taiwanese tea and veggie food in front of the cafe.
Looks like Taiwanese tea is also recommended!


Inside of the TSUMUGU CAFE

Looking just from the entrance, I first had an expression of a small cafe but the inside was a bit larger than I expected.

I think the seats were 30 or so.

When I got to the cafe at past 1 pm, there were 7 or 8 customers.

The waitress looked busy as she had to handle all the customers alone.
Maybe, this is the last spurt of lunch time although I was added now….

As I could sit anywhere, I took a table seat closest to the entrance.

Table seat of TSUMUGU CAFE

I forgot to take a picture but the side I sat was a sofa seat that I could relax.

Checked Menu


I check the menu!

Lunch menu looks good and reasonable!

TSUMUGU CAFE(ツムグカフェ)のランチメニュー

There were TSUMUGU Veggie Curry, Chinese Medicinal Noodle, Teri Mayo Katsu Burger and Taiwan Chimaki.

All the menu come with a salad, fruits and drink (Only the burger comes with chips instead of salad and fruits).

The menus also have V (Vegan) and VG(Vegetarian) mark that easy to tell.

In the above lunch menu, only TSUMUGU Veggie Curry is vegetarian as it has egg on the top.
Chinese Medical Noodle and Taiwan CHIMAKI are vegan.

I think the Teri Mayo Katsu Burger is also made only with vegetables but no V or VG mark.
I should have asked the reason.

There were also vegan pizza and veggie Tako yaki (Octopus Ball although no octopus inside for this menu).
I’m curious about them, too!


And there were also a variety of Taiwanese teas!
Taiwanese teas are also famous, aren’t they!

Ordered Taiwan CHIMAKI


I was torn to choose as all the menu looked good!

But I could enjoy vegetarian curry, veggie burger or noodle at other vegan cafe or restaurant.

Taiwan CHIMAKI is only this cafe, I think

Chimaki is a food made of glutinous rice that is wrapped in a leaf and steamed.

So, I ordered Taiwan CHIMAKI this time!

The waitress asked the drink of the set.
I usually order coffee but as this is Taiwanese cafe that I ordered Taiwanese tea.

In about 10 minutes, Taiwan CHIMAKI came.


Using wooden steamer is good as it makes us feel fresh off the kitchen.
I wonder when I ate chimaki last time.



Yes, Chimaki is chewy!
Flavoring of the glutinous rice is not very strong or plain and good balance!

What made me surprise was the volume!
Full of ingredients!

I could find mushroom, chestnut, gingko nut, etc. inside.


Only this ingredient I couldn’t find out.


I first imagined it was just a simple chimaki of simple flavoring and no ingredients inside that it was a kind of surprise!

Oh, and the spring roll was also tasty with its thin skin deep fried crispily!
The ingredients inside were flavored lightly with Chinese seasoning and tasted good. 

Spring roll

I ate the soup imagining Miso soup but was not.
The taste was Chinese flavor.

I see, yes, it’s Taiwanese cafe here, so the soup is also Taiwanese soup.

 Taiwanese soup

By the way, the fruit of the lunch set was grape.
I think it is changeable depends on the season.

Last one is Taiwanese teas.

Taiwanese tea

“This is Taiwanese rose tea, enjoy the aroma of the tea”
The waitress told me.

Certainly, the aroma was rose.
Drink it and the aroma of rose spread.

Makes you warm in a cold day.

I was pleased with this Taiwanese lunch set of Chimaki!

Summary of Vegan Lunch of TSUMUGU CAFE

“How was the taste?”
The waitress asked.

“It tasted very good”
I replied.

“The owner is Taiwanese, we are looking forward to seeing you again”
She told me.

The waitress was a kind person with a good smile.

This kind of small conversation and attention is great, I felt.

If you want to enjoy Taiwanese style vegan or vegetarian dish in Ikebukuro, come visit the cafe!

I myself want to visit again as I am also interested in other vegan menu!

Google Map of the TSUMUGU CAFE