Loca Kitchen

Menu of Loca Kitchen

[Vegan Menu]
This is a vegan cafe which opened 3 month ago, so this is a new cafe opened on August 2017. Loca means crazy, so they focus not only on cuisine but also on knitting, drawing, chatting, etc.


Shojin Set Menu

[Taiwanese Vegan Menu]
Korinbo is a vegan restaurant of Taiwanese


Today's Special Menu of Gopinatha

[ Indian Vegan Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
You can enjoy unique Indian food here such as Indian style fritter and spicy Pakola bowl

Lotus & flower’s One

Menu of Lotus & flower's One

[Vegan Menu]
This restaurant is run under the policy of tasty, surprising vegetarian cuisine and safe

meu nota

Menu of meu nota

[Vegan Menu]
Falafel plate and Taco Rice are one of the popular menus here


Menu of Poleyale

[Vegan Menu]
The owner directly goes to coffee farm in Myanmar, interacts with people and selects