Doutor Coffee

Doutor Coffee (Whole Wheat Flour Sand Soy Meat)

Doutor Coffee started selling plant-based Burgeer in 2020. I went to the shop to try it!!

MOS Burger started to sell vegan burger called Green Burger!!

Green Burger of MOS Burger

[Vegan Burger]
Japanese hamburger chain shop MOS Burger started selling vegan burger called Green Burger! I went to MOS Burger this time to check it out!


Sandwich of &sandwich.

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Sandwich]
This is not a perfect vegetarian or vegan cafe but you can enjoy vegan and vegetarian sandwiches as well.
They focus on fresh so they bake and make the sandwiches right after your order.

News Cafe

Vege Plate of News Cafe

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
If you want to enjoy dishes in American style cafe, here is the place.
This is not a perfect vegetarian or vegan cafe but has a variety of dishes for vegetarian and vegan, too.

Mr. FARMER Shinjuku Mylord

Vegan Burger of Mr. Farmer Shinjuku

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
[Cold Press Juice]
This is not a perfect vegetarian restaurant but has ordinary menu includes meat, fish, egg, etc. but I included here as it also has menu for a vegan.

the pantry (Homeworks)

Veggie Burger

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
[Veggie Burger]
I drop off this restaurant after visiting Organic Lifestyle EXPO held on 29th July 2017.
It was a few minutes from Yurakucho station.



[Vegan Menu]
[Vegan Burger]
ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ offers vegan and organic food since its opening in 2011


Menu of Ballon

[Vegan Falafel Sandwich]
This is a falafel specialty shop so you can enjoy vegan and organic falafel sandwich here

Homework’s HIROO

Menu of Homework's HIROO

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Veggie Hamburger & Sandwich]
Homework’s is a gourmet hamburger and sandwich restaurant. It has vegetarian burger and sandwich on the menu.