Universal Bakes Nicome (Shimokitazawa)

Universal Bakes Nicome

[Vegan Bread]
[Vegan Sweets]

Universal Bakes Nicome offers tasty vegan breads! Not only vegan breads but vegan doughnuts and muffins they sell!

Sunday Brunch Shimokitazawa x Coji Coji (Pop-up Cafe)

Vegan Pumpkin Cream Udon of Sunday Brunch Shimokitazawa x Coji Coji

[Vegan Menus]
[Vegetarian Menus]

Collab. Cafe of Coji Coji and Sunday Brunch Shimikitazawa offers vegan and vegetarian menu! I went to the cafe to try the veggie dishes!!

Universal Bakes and Cafe (Setagaya)(Shimokitazwa)

Universal Bakes and Cafe

[Vegan Bread]
If you want to enjoy 100% vegan breads, Universal Bakes and Cafe is recommended! You can also enjoy baked vegan sweets here!

Joined Vegan Food Tour of Magical Trip!!

Joined Vegan Food Tour of Magical Trip

[Vegan Food Tour]
I joined Vegan Food Tour offered by Magical Trip this time!
Through the tour, I could get new information of vegan cafes!!


Menu of Mother

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegan Menu]
This is not a perfect vegetarian restaurant but you can find sign of “V” for some of the dishes on the menu.
They are the vegan and vegetarian available dishes.

Com.Cafe Otokura

Menu of Com.Cafe Otokura

[Non-Vegetarian Menu]
[Vegetarian Menu]
Mayo Shono is a singer song writer and she runs this Com.Cafe Otokura.
She learned macrobiotics that all the menus are made based on the concept of macrobiotics.

[Closed] organic gevecafé & dining (Polepole Nagi no Mori)

Menu of Polepole Nagi no Mori

[Vegan Menu]
It is a small cafe with 10 seats but you can enjoy selected vegan meal here


Menu of Chabuzen

[Vegan Menu]
Dishes of Chabusen are made based on Yakuzen or traditional Chinese medicine