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Subway is famous worldwide, isn’t it.

It has vegetarian menu here in Japan, too.
Technically speaking, menu for lacto-vegetarian, so not for a vegan.

You can find Subway everywhere in Japan.
This time, I went to Subway in Ikebukuro.

To Subway Ikebukuro

Subway Ikebukuro

This time, I went to Subway in Ikebukuro.
There are 3 Subway in Ikebukuro and all are located in walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes on foot from the Ikebukuro Station.

I came to the Subway of Mimami Ikebukuro this time.

It is a small shop and has 9 seats.
Not for a long break but just for a quick meal or break, I recommend you here.

I took a seat at the corner.

Seat at the corner of Subway

Order Menu

Order Menu

I noticed that I’ve rarely come to Subway in my life, maybe just 2 or 3 times in my life when I ordered.

I ordered Veggie Delite, which is for lacto-vegetarian.

And the staff told me that I can choose a type of bread, vegetables and sauce.
I chose sesame bread and tomato, onion, green pepper for vegetables.
They are all the vegetables customers can choose, so I chose all of them.

You can also have an option of vegetables for accent such as olive and hot pepper for free.
I went for olive and pickled cucumber.

Lastly, you need to choose sauce.

There are 9 types such as oil & vinegar, mayo, basil, chili, etc.
There was even Japanese style sauce, wasabi soy sauce.

But some sauce include dairy products or fish stock, so I recommend you most simple one, that is, oil & vinegar.

It was an interesting experience to me to choose each ingredients as I didn’t imagine it.

Enjoy Veggie Delite

Veggie Delite

I ordered set menu which comes with a coffee and chips this time.
Here it is.

Set Menu of Veggie Delite

This is the inside of Veggie Delite.

Veggie Delite

I’ll have it.

Veggie Delite

Well, the bread is tasty.

A little sweetness, I could taste and it went well with sesame.
It was good I chose sesame bread.

The vegetables were also fresh!
As I chose simple sauce of oil & vinegar, I could enjoy the taste of the vegetables themselves.

This was a substantial sandwich!

But if you are hungry, you can ask large for vegetables for free.
I didn’t ask large, so this is a standard one.

The chips were also tasty.
It is deep fried with its skin.


For coffee, beans grown in Guatemala are used.
I checked if there is a fair trade coffee but not.
Still, it was a tasty coffee.


Avocado & Veggie

I didn’t order this Avocado & Veggie but this is also a veggie one.

Difference between Veggie Delite and Avocado & Veggie is whether it includes avocado or not as long as I see.

This is not a concreate resource but one blog says this Avocado & Veggie uses Wasabi Soy Sauce Dressing which includes fish stock.

The article of the blog was written over decade ago, so it might be a bit old information.

But if you are not a pescetarian, ask the staff of Subway before you order just in case.

I like avocado itself!

Summary of Subway

Summary of Subway

Subway is not for a cafe for a vegan but for a vegetarian, I can say.

So if you are a vegetarian, I recommend you.

Good point of it is, Subway is everywhere.
Veggie Delite and Avocado & Veggie are also not menus only in a limited period but standard menus.

If you want to enjoy a quick vegetarian meal, Subway is recommended.

Depends on the Subway, the size is also different, so if you visit larger one, you can also have a long relaxing time!

Google Map of Subway Ikebukuro