Coconut Glen’s Ikebukuro

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Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

2-18-6 Minamiikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan,
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Ikebukuro Station (JR Yamanote Line)

03-4400-8468 (+81-3-4400-8468)

No Seats

Opening Hours
11:00 – 18:00

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Coconut Glen’s opened in Ikebukuro last year in 2022!

It is a vegan ice cream shop that mainly uses organic ingredients!

I went to the Omotesando shop a few years ago, but I had no idea that the new shop was opened in Ikebukuro as well!

The season is already summer, so I went there immediately and would like to share my impressions.


Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

The nearest station is Ikebukuro Station East Exit.

With your back to the station, cross the main street in front of you and you will see the Ikebukuro Station East Exit Police Box and a McDonald’s along the same street.

Go straight and you will come to a big intersection (East Exit five-forked road), cross the intersection straight and turn right.

At the intersection with a Family Mart on the corner, turn left and go forward until you reach Minami Ikebukuro Park.

Turn right at the Minami Ikebukuro Park and turn left.

Go straight for about 30 meters and you will find Coconut Glen’s on your right.

Google Map of Coconut Glen’s Ikebukuro


To Coconut Glen’s Ikebukuro

Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

Coconut Glen was located 700-800 meters or about 10 minutes from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station.

It seemed to have opened in 2022, but I had never noticed it, although I must have passed by the shop many times.

It is late June now, close to summer, and it was time to enjoy ice cream!

Since the ice cream was born in Hawaii, the exterior of the shop has a bright Hawaiian touch!

There is also swings, so kids can play while waiting for a while!

Menu and Price

Vegan Ice Creams of Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

Upon entering the store, I could see various types of ice cream through a glass case.

The following seven types of ice cream were available.

  • Original
  • Coffee toffee
  • Ginger Lemongrass
  • Pistachio
  • Rum Raisin & Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
Vegan Ice Creams of Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

I could choose the price between 1 scoop and 5 scoops.
One scoop is 80ml.

If you would like a cup to take home, the price will be about 20 cents (30 yen) in addition to the prices below.
You can return the cup of coconut shell after eating or purchase it for about $2 (300 yen) extra.

Students can save about 30-70 cents (50-100 ye)n because of the student discount!

  • One scoop: About $3 (440 yen) (Student discount: 390 yen)
  • 3 scoops: About $5 (750 yen) (Student discount: 670 yen)
  • 5 scoops: About $6.5 (970 yen) (Student discount 870 yen)
Menu of Vegan Ice Creams of Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

Order Vegan Ice Creams

Vegan Ice Creams of Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

“What kind of ice cream is popular right now?”
I ask the staff at the shop.

“Our original ice cream with coconut is the most popular.”
she told me.

“Pistachio, Rum raisin & Banana are also popular.”
she added.

“Then I’ll have three scoops of Original, Pistachio, Rum raisin & Banana, please.”
I immediately decide.

“The coconut shell for the cup is free if you return it to us, but you can also purchase it for 300 yen, or we can make it into a paper cup to take home for 30 yen.”
I was told that.

I want to eat inside, but there is no seats in the shop.
I also thought the ice cream would melt if I take them out.
Well, I could just stand at the edge of the shop and enjoy it!

“I return the coconut shell.”
I tell her.

“When did this restaurant open?”
I ask.

“We had another shop in Omotesando, but that one was closed, and this Ikebukuro shop opened last July 2022.”

“We also have shops in Azabu Juban and Asakusa.”
she told me.

I wanted to visit the Omotesando shop again, but I see, it’s not there now.
I didn’t know that there were Coconut Glen’s in Azabu Juban and Asakusa instead!

Review of Ice Creams of Coconut Glen’s

Vegan Ice Creams of Coconut Glen's Ikebukuro

I purchased three scoops: Pistachio, Rum raisin & Banana, and Original.

They are all popular flavors in the shop.

After purchasing, I decided to eat them standing at the edge of the store.


I will start with Pistachio.

The base ingredients are organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar, and pistachios.

Yes, the pistachios have a bit crunchy texture.

It is rich but not too rich, just the right flavor.

It must be because the base is made with coconut milk instead of milk.

I enjoyed it because it was hot outside and I was looking for a lighter feeling rather than a thicker one!

There seemed to be a little bit of liquor in it, but I could hardly tell.

Rum Raisin & Banana

Next I had the Rum raisin & Banana.

The main ingredients are organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar, bananas and raisins.

It started melting, but still managed to keep its original shape.

They say these rum raisins are handmade in the shop.

The taste is, yes, the mellow flavor of the rum raisins matches the sweetness of the bananas.

There seemed to be a little bit of liquor in this ice cream as well, but I didn’t taste the liquor as much as I thought I would, or rather, I could hardly tell.

People who don’t like the strong taste of liquor or other alcoholic beverages can also enjoy this rum raisin-flavored ice cream, I can say!


The last one I had was Original ice cream!

Simple ice cream based on organic coconut milk.

Ingredients are organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar, liquor and roasted coconut.

This last ice cream was already liquefied by the heat… ^_^;.

But the taste itself does not change whether it is solid or liquid, and if anything, the closer the ice cream is to room temperature, the more clearIy I can taste it.

The taste itself is a bit similar to vanilla ice cream, but it is a bit lighter rather than thicker.

However, the rich flavor of coconut is still there.

I have had coconut juice in Thailand in the past, but it had its own peculiar taste, which I liked though.

But this coconut ice cream had almost no peculiar taste of coconut and was easy to eat.

It seems that there was also liquor in the coconut ice cream, but I could hardly taste it, so it might have been used only for flavoring.


It’s been a while to have ice creams of Coconut Glen’s but all the ice creams were tasted very good!

I thought the price was reasonable for 3 scoops for about $5 (750 yen) with a plant base, focusing on organic ingredients.

This Ikebukuro shop is small, but the staff was easy to talk to.

Following T’s Tantan, I am very happy to see a new vegan shop in Ikebukuro!

I think it is going to get hot in the height of summer, so I would like to go back for ice cream here!