ovgo B.A.K.E.R (SODA BAR Ebisu)

Vegan Cookie

Vegan Cookies of ovgo B.A.K.E.R

Source : ovgo B.A.K.E.R (SODA BAR Ebisu)

2-10-6 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Google Map : https://goo.gl/maps/CuZKveUvNJ2FsTF56

Ebisu Station

03-6416-5563 (+81-3-6416-5563)

Opening Hours
11:00 – 19:00

Shop Holidays
Irregular Holidays

Website (ovgo B.A.K.E.R)

Website (SODA BAR)

You can enjoy vegan cookies of ovgo B.A.K.E.R at the SODA BAR Ebisu.

SODA BAR is the place you can enjoy original Soda Fountain which was once in fashion in US in 1980s.

For the cookies of ovgo B.A.K.E.R, they are made without using egg or dairy products.
They also focus on the ingredients that they use domestic or organic ingredients.
You can enjoy gluten-free cookies as well.

Before the opening the shop, the owner traveled around US and met vegan cookies.

Here, a variety of vegan cookies such as coconut, sugar black pepper, garlic black pepper, double chocolate cinnamon, matcha coconut, etc. you can enjoy.

If you wanna try American style vegan cookies, cookies of ovgo B.A.K.E.R sold at the SODA BAR Ebisu is recommended!

Google Map of ovo BAKER at the SODA BAR