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Vegan Dish of HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe Shinjuku Marui Honkan

Shinjuku Marui Honkan B1, 3-30-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan,
Google Map :

Shinjuku Sanchome Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Fukutoshin Line)
Shinjuku Station (JR Yamanote Line)

050-5526-5593 (+81-50-5526-5593)

10 Seats

Opening Hours
8:00 – 21:00

Shop Holidays
Irregular Holiday

Website (Japanese)

A café serving vegan CBD dishes opened in April at the Shinjuku Marui Main Building!

CBD products and specialty stores have been seen in Japan for several years now.

However, it is quite rare to find a café that actually offers CBD food and drinks, so I was curious and went there.

I would like to introduce the actual atmosphere of the store, food and drinks I had!


The closest exit is the East Exit of Shinjuku Station.

With your back to Shinjuku Station after exiting the East Exit, go straight down the main street (the street with Bic Camera) in front of you with Shinjuku ALTA on your left.

After about 200-300 meters, you will see Shinjuku Marui Main Building on your right (just before the Shinjuku 5-chome intersection).

HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe is located on the basement floor of Shinjuku Marui Main Building.

Google Map of HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe Shinjuku Marui Honkan


To HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe

HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe

I happened to discover this HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe when I visited BIO-RAL (a brand that mainly deals with organic vegetables and natural products from Supermarket LIFE) at Shinjuku Marui Main Building before.

I could find many vegan dishes on the menu!

It’s rare to find vegan cafe of CBD, I felt at the time.
And I’ve been curious about this cafe since then!

This store seems to have opened on April 29, 2023.
I had no idea it had opened six months earlier!

We arrived a little after 1pm and the seats were full!
I mean, it is a small restaurant, so there are about 10 seats, including the counter.

My friend who came with me and I decided to wait for a while. We talked and waited near the cafe for about 10 minutes, and then a seat became available.

Check CBD Vegan Menu and Order

Menu of HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe

“Is everything on the menu here vegan?”
I ask the staff.

“Yes, everything on the menu is vegan.”
He said.

By the way, there were the following types of dishes and sweets.

  • Panini Set (with drink): About $11 (1650 yen)
  • Sandwich Set (with drink): About $11 (1650 yen)
  • Haneda Airport Specialty Lasagna Set (with drink): About $13 (1900 yen)
  • Quiche Set (with drink): About $12 (1750 yen)
  • Homemade Cheesecake Set (with drink): About $9 (1350 yen)
  • Homemade Gateau au Chocolat Set (with drink): About $9 (1350 yen)
  • Homemade CBD Mont Blanc Cake : About $8 (1250 yen)
  • Homemade Jumbo Muffin : About $5 (800 yen)

I am also very interested in the homemade CBD Mont Blanc Cake on the showcase!

Homemade CBD Mont Blanc Cake

I was curious about all of them!

My friend said, “I’m going to have Haneda Airport Specialty Lasagna Set.

I’m definitely interested in the lasagna!
Why Haneda Airport? I also wondered, but it seems that this restaurant is also located in Haneda Airport.

After much deliberation, I decided on Panini Set.

There are two types of panini, Special Spinach Cheese Panini and American Veggie BBQ Panini.
I finally chose the American Veggie BBQ!

For drink, I decide to order iced coffee.

“We have regular iced coffee and you can also add CBD for an extra 350 yen(About $2.3)”
the staff told me.

I’m curious about their CBD iced coffee!

“Well, I’ll have the CBD as well, please.”
I tell him.

My friend also ordered Matcha Latte with CBD.

Atmosphere Inside of Cafe

Atmosphere Inside of HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop and Cafe

We get a number card for our orders and move to a seat.

3 seats available on the counter table.
I’m wondering if we take seats here.

Counter Table Seats

However, one table for two was also available, so we moved to the table in the end.

Table for two

Incidentally, there were a total of about 10 counter seats for one and tables for two.

The glass showcase at the checkout counter was decorated with a variety of vegan and CBD sweets.

Glass Showcase decorated with Vegan and CBD Sweets

I was curious about the sweets and thought about ordering some but I’ll try them next time I come back.

After 5 to 10 minutes, our number was called and we went to get our food.

Vegan Panini (American Veggie BBQ Panini)

Vegan Panini (American Veggie BBQ Panini)

Vegan Panini was wrapped in paper.

Open the paper bag!
Panini baked to a golden brown!

Vegan Panini (American Veggie BBQ Panini)

Open the inside and I can see BBQ sauce and shredded cabbage?

Vegan Panini (American Veggie BBQ Panini)

When I ate it, I found that the panini was crispy on the outside and tasty. They say that this one is homemade!

The sauce inside is also homemade and the main ingredient is tomato sauce?
The sourness and sweetness match and go well with the panini.

They also used vegan Pulled Pork, which I found out later.

I didn’t know about it but they say this Pulled Pork is a classic American barbecue dish.
They say It is a dish in which pork is marinated in several spices and seasonings and slowly heated to finish.

It was a satisfying panini with a reasonable volume!

Haneda Airport Special Lasagna

Haneda Airport Special Lasagna

I didn’t eat it myself but my friend ordered this Haneda Airport Special Lasagna and I took the picture of it.

I think this lasagna is popular at this restaurant in Haneda Airport.

Haneda Airport Special Lasagna

This dish is also vegan, so of course no meat is used.
It is also gluten-free.

This vegan lasagna is made mainly with tomato sauce and soy meat.

My friend said it was very tasty.

I was also curious about it but he lets me take a picture of the dish that I was satisfied!

Organic Fair Trade Coffee with CBD

Organic Fair Trade Coffee with CBD

The coffee is Organic and Fair Trade Coffee.

I had CBD added to it.

This is the first time I have had coffee with CBD!

Organic Fair Trade Coffee with CBD

First of all, the aroma was already different.

I can’t explain it well but I felt that this is the smell of CBD.
It may be relaxing for some people.

As for the taste, it was also different from that of regular coffee.
It tasted like normal coffee but tasted unique CBD flavor at the same time.

It is difficult to describe the taste but it was a taste that people who like it will like and people who don’t like it will not like.

As for the effects of CBD, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t tell at all.

CBD is said to be effective for insomnia, migraine headaches, depression, stress reduction, etc. but I don’t fall into any of these categories from the start, so maybe I didn’t understand the effects.

As for my friend, he ordered Maatcha Latte and said the aroma and taste were different from a regular matcha latte but he couldn’t tell any particular effect of the CBD like my case.

Anyway, this is my first CBD coffee, and I’m glad I got to try it!



I am glad I came this cafe because it is quite rare to find a cafe that offers vegan CBD food.

I liked the fact that the food is also handmade.

The cafe is not big, so if you move your lunch or dinner time a little, you will be able to have a seat and relax.

Next time, I wanna order another dish or a sweet!
I am curious about the homemade Mont Blanc Cake!

There is also a supermarket, BIO-RAL, on the same floor, so if you are looking for organic or vegan food, be sure to stop by here as well!