IKEA Shibuya

Plant-based Dish Vegetarian Menu

Plant-based Dish of IKEA Shibuya

Takagi Building, 24-1 Udagawachō, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan,
Google Map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/t7c9yCPQx1bnDeS79

Shibuya Station (JR Yamanote Line)

Tel (Chat Order Service)
050-4560-0494 (+81-50-4560-0494)


Opening Hours
10:10 – 21:00 (Last Order : 20:30)

Shop Holidays
Irregular Holiday


IKEA Shibuya has a wide range of veggie food made from plant-based products.

On the ground floor you can enjoy plant-based ice cream, bread and other small snacks, while on the 7th floor you can enjoy a hearty veggie menu at the restaurant.

This time I enjoyed their plant-based menu at the restaurant on the 7th floor, so I would like to introduce them to you.


IKEA Shibuya

The nearest station and exit is the Hachiko ticket gate of Shibuya Station.

Cross the Shibuya Scramble Crossing right in front of you straight ahead on the diagonal.

Continue walking along the road for about 100 m and you can find IKEA Shibuya on your right.

Google Map of IKEA Shibuya


To IKEA Shibuya

IKEA Shibuya

Crossed the Shibuya Scramble Crossing on the diagonal and walked straight ahead to find IKEA Shibuya.

It’s about a two-minute walk from the Hachiko ticket gate of Shibuya station, so it’s really just around the corner.

I felt like the entrance doesn’t stand out.
It seems to be the back entrance of IKEA Shibuya.

Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya 7th Floor

7th Floor (Restaurant Floor) of IKEA Shibuya

When I entered KEA Shibuya and took the escalator to the second floor, I couldn’t continue to go up to the second floor.

I needed to walk around to the opposite side and went to the escalator to go up to the second floor.

The second floor was also same.
I needed to walk around to the opposite side again to get to the third floor.

I think it is the shop’s strategy to make customers walk extra in the shop and buy various items, but it is very tiring to keep doing this every floor up to the 7th floor…

So I took the elevator from the 3rd floor to the 7th floor.
I should have used this elevator from the first.

Elevator of IKEA Shibuya

Atmosphere of Restaurant

Atmosphere of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

The restaurant on the seventh floor was spacious, with 167 seats in all.

Even though it was after 3pm on a weekday, it was quite crowded.
As you could imagine, here is Shibuya!

However, there were a few empty seats here and there thankfully, not full.

There were counter seats for one, tables for two and four, etc.

Counter Seats of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya
Table Seats of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

Order Plant-based Veggie Menu

Plant-based Veggie Menu of IKEA Shibuya

The menu was almost half and half between the regular and plant-based menus.

Menu of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

I’m curious about Plant-based Keema Curry but veggie curry is actually a kind of standard menu you can enjoy everywhere nowadays.

And then I found Plant-based Fish & Chips!
I’ve never tried veggie fish and chips, yes, I’ll have this one!

But will this dis be enough? I haven’t eaten anything since last night.

I decide to order Veggie Balls with Curry Sauce, too!

I needed to go to the front of the kitchen to order directly.

Kitchen of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

It looks like I need to order using this microphone in front of the kitchen.

Microphone in front of kitchen

This is the first time for me to order in this style, using a microphone instead of a bell on the table or a tablet!
I get a bit nervous.

When I spoke, the person cooking in the kitchen answered.

I waited right in front of the kitchen and they quickly prepared the dishes for me within a couple of minutes.
I think they are pre-cooked and just needs to be heated up or scoop.

I’m also interested in the sweets and bread although they are not veggie foods.

Sweets of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya
Breads of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

Carry the food on the tray to the cashier for payment.
If you also want to order a drink, tell the cashier here.

Drink Menu of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

Oat milk latte was also available!
Hot coffee for about 30 cents (50 yen) is very cheap!

But I order an iced coffee for about $1 (150 yen) because it’s hot outside.
Even 150 yen is quite cheap!

The coffee was self-serve, just like at a drinks bar.

If I am greedy and fill it up to the maximum, it will spill when I bring it to the table, which is a battle against myself.

Drink Bar of Restaurant of IKEA Shibuya

Water is free.
You can take forks, spoons, chopsticks, etc. here, as well as packets of ketchup.

Place where you can take forks, spoons, chopsticks, etc.

I decided to sit at a table for two at the end of the room.

Table Seat of Restaurant of IKEA  Shibuya

Plant-based Fish & Chips

Plant-based Fish & Chips of IKEA Shibuya

I’ve never tried plant-based fish & chips before!

It was bigger than I expected when I see the real dish right in front of me!

With this size, about $5 (790 yen) is quite reasonable!

Let’s try some then!

The batter is crispy and the texture and the taste are like those of real white meat fish!

No, to be precise, there is no fishy smell or juiciness, but rather what is important for me in fish & chips is the light taste and light texture more than the juiciness!

What ingredients do they use to make it? I checked and found out that it was made from soya beans.
I was a little impressed that such a taste and texture similar to real white fish could be reproduced with soya.

Oh, I found out later that the tartar sauce was made with eggs.

If you are a vegan, tell them when you order that you don’t want tartar sauce, then they will provide you with fish & chips without tartar sauce, I think.

The only one thing I was disappointed was the fries.
They were no longer hot.

The saltiness was just right and I felt that if they had been freshly fried they would have been very tasty.

Well, but it’s not a specialized burger shop or anything like that, so this might be an unavoidable part.

By the way, it was a hearty meal.
Rather, I was already full halfway through the meal, so I took a break and ate it.

Veggie Ball Curry Sauce

Veggie Ball Curry Sauce of IKEA Shibuya

This is also a plant-based veggie ball!

The price is, surprisingly, about $2.5 (390 yen)!

With mashed potatoes and green beans included, this price is too cheap.

The taste, yes, it’s delicious!

The veggie balls by themselves are delicious because they are already seasoned, but they taste even better together with the sour accent of the curry sauce!

These are frozen plant balls, probably sold at IKEA stores.

They are made from pea-derived protein and oats.

The mashed potatoes were rich and smooth, and the each of green beans were large in size and crispy.

Veggie Ball Curry Sauce with a slice or two of bread was probably the perfect amount of lunch for me.

This time I was so full from the fish & chips alone that I felt as if I had come to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and was eating on a full stomach.

I completely misjudged the amount, although it was good value for money.


Coffee of IKEA Shibuya

Not specifically mentioned about the coffee, so it is not fair trade or organic coffee, I think.

The price is an unbelievably low about $1 (150 yen) to begin with, so they can’t pursue the quality.

The coffee was self-serve, so I poured the coffee to the brim.

Still, the taste of the coffee is well maintained with the quality offered at a cafe, and considering the price, I am satisfied with it.

But if organic or fair trade coffee had been available, I would have ordered it even if it had been twice the price!

Put Back Dishes Separately

Place to Return Dishes and Tray

After the meal, you need to take the dishes to the Tray return.

This cafeteria style reminds me of a cafeteria at my workplace I once worked for and in high school.

You need to sort out platters, forks, chopsticks, trays, leftovers, etc. and return to their designated places.

This kind of voluntary initiative is good.

Everyone sorted and returned the dishes properly, which showed the level of their manners.



The price of restaurant at IKEA Shibuya was very reasonable!

Two hearty dishes with iced coffee for just $8.5 (1330 yen).

To be honest, one dish and a coffee was enough for me, so considering it, I could have actually enjoyed a satisfying lunch for less than 1000 yen.

Otherwise, on the 1st floor, you can eat plant-based ice cream for about 30 cents (50 yen).

I feel like they are one number off and of course, there is usually a queue on Saturdays and Sundays.

Although probably full on weekends, IKEA Shibuya is highly recommended for those who want a reasonably priced, hearty veggie meals in Shibuya on weekdays!