Vegan and Vegetarian foods of Family Mart (Convenience Store) in Japan


Vegan and Vegetarian food of Family Mart (Convenience Store)

※There is a possibility of limited-time food and they don’t sell the food now

Family Mart is one of the big chain convenience stores in Japan.

The unique thing about Family Mart in Tokyo is they take in vegan and vegetarian foods proactively.

As long as I know, this Family Mart and Natural LAWSON are the ones that handle some vegan or vegetarian foods among convenience stores in Japan.

Although the foods are not permanent, just a limited time and sold only in Tokyo, almost every month they start selling new vegan or vegetarians foods.

I myself tried some vegan foods, so I’ll introduce them here.

Steamed Soy Meat Dumpling (November 2020)

Steamed Soy Meat Dumpling

As of November, this Steamed Soy Meat Dumpling and Soy Meat Nugget are the newest line-ups.

The appearance was nothing different than ordinary steamed meat buns.

I split it and inside was also nothing different than real meat one.

And I tried it.

To my real surprise, even the taste was nothing different than real meat bun.
It was the first time in maybe over 10 years to eat steamed meat bun although this is soy meat.

As long as I remember the taste, this soy meat one was very close both texture and taste.

Steamed Soy Meat Dumpling

Soy Meat Nuggets (November 2020)

Soy Meat Nuggets

This Soy Meat Nuggets was released with Steamed Soy Meat Dumpling on this November.

Like the Steamed Soy Meat Dumpling, I could not find the big difference of the taste.

I just had to surprise after tasting these soy meat foods.

By the way, this meat is certainly made of soybeans but eggs might be used for the batter of it, so please check before you eat if you are vegan.

Soy Meat Nuggets

Soy Meat Keema Curry (May 2020)

Vegan Keema Curry of Family Mart

This Soy Meat Keema Curry was already finished.
They sold it limited time in May 2020.

I could see some vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin, onion, paprika, lotus loot, etc. on the top.

The taste of the curry was a little bit sweet.
But I could enjoy the taste of spices at the same time.

I liked the curry.

Following is the detailed article of Soy Meat Keema Curry

Vegan Keema Curry of Family Mart

Vegan Hamburg Steak Bowl (March 2020)

Vegan Hamburg Bowl of Family Mart

This Vegan Hamburg Steak Bowl had been sold for a limited time in March.

And this is the first time I tried vegan food at Family Mart.

This Steak Bowl had a strong taste and a bit sweet.
The texture of soy meat Hamburg was close to that of real meat.

It was a substantial bowl!

Following is the detailed article of Vegan Hamburg Steak Bowl

Vegan Hamburg Bowl of Family Mart


It was great that even at a convenience store I can enjoy vegan and vegetarian foods.

I want this current spread to other convenience stores in Japan.

If you have a chance to visit Family Mart in Tokyo, check vegan and vegetarian foods!