Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2017


Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2017

Tokyo Vegefood Festa had taken place on October 2017 for 2 days.
Both days were rainy day but still it was good it took place.
It was not a big event but I could enjoy the festival.


It was raining as the typhoon had been approaching.
Still it was not windy or heavy rain.

Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2017

What I first saw was this station wagon of Kushar.
I think I saw this shop at GREEN FOOD FESTIVAL which is held in Ueno this summer.
Kushar is a local food in Egypt made of macaroni. chickpea, lentil, pasta, rice, etc.
I have not tried it yet but looks good.

station wagon of Kushar

Monster Burittos.
This is cool station wagon.
Burittos, so it is a Mexican cuisine.
Special vegetarian paella and burittos were sold here.

Monster Burittos

Mame Plus.
Mame means beans and this is the slogan of Tokyo Vegefood Festa this year.
I could see a stuff baking pizza in the oven.
It must have been beans pizza.

Mame Plus

I see, yes it’s already October and Autumn is the season of chestnuts.
I remember childhood picking up chestnuts.


Tokyo Vegefood Festa is always held on this avenue in Yoyogi Park.
If you go straight father through Yoyogi Park, you can get to Shibuya station in 20 minutes.

Avenue in Yoyogi Park

Wooden board says Organic & Fairtrade, Alternative Selection.
I could see dried fruits and spices here.

Organic dried fruits and spices

Organic dried fruits and spices

Staff recommended me sample of Miso Soup.
There were 3 types and the taste was very good.
The stuff told me selected Japanese vegetables and miso of Kyoto are used for this Miso Soup.

Miso Soup

It was sold in dried pack for 350 yen (About $3).

Miso Soup

Organic vegetables.

Organic Vegetables

Next to the shop of organic vegetables was also organic vegetable shop.
I could sample fresh organic carrot at this shop and it was very sweet.
I bought some carrots here.

Organic Carrots

Lunch box of Macrobiotic.
This is rare lunch box.

Lunch box of Macrobiotic

Japanese traditional sweets!

Japanese Traditional Sweets Shop

They sell Warabi mochi and rice dumpling.
Warabimochi is made with bracken starch, toasted soybean flour, brown sugar.
It’s one of my favorites!

Japanese Traditional Sweets

Thai Food!
I like fried noodles called phat thai and fresh juice of Thailand!

Station Wagon of Thai Foods

Indian Food!
Curry is famous, isn’t it.
This shop offers curry of Mumbai.

Indian Food

I could see board of Soup and juice.
For soup and smoothie, selected organic soybeans are used.
Shop focusing organic beans is very rare!
I think food self-sufficiency rate of beans in Japan is 5 to 7% so when it comes to organic, it must be less than 1%.

Station Wagon of Soup and Juice

Soup and Juice

There was a stage for talk show and music, too.

Stage for Talk Show and Music


I felt like the size of Tokyo Vegefood Festa got smaller this year.
There must have been cancellation of the companies because of the typhoon.
But I could see some interesting vegetarian food and shops.
And I could buy organic carrots, too!

Tokyo Vegefood Festa takes place once a year on October so come visit if you have a chance!

Tokyo Vegefood Festa

2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Google Map:

Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line)

Yoyogi Park (Avenue in front of NHK Hall in Yoyogi Park)

21th and 22th October

Opening Time
10:00 – 18:00 (Saturday)
10:00 – 18:00 (Sunday)