This GREEN FOOD FESTIVAL or GREEN FOOD FESTA aims for a society of coexistence.
And the theme of event is “PLANET X PLANET X PEOPLE”.
This event aims for enjoy the moment not only for vegan and vegetarian but for everyone.


I went to the event on 17th July.


Entering the gate, I saw the scale of the size is not that big.
What caught my eyes first is this Recreational vehicle.
It must be great experience, if one could travel all over Japan with this RV.
It sold smoothies.

RV of Smoothie

Vegetarian curry!

Vegetarian curry

Many vegetarian and vegan shops I could find.


But this food from Egypt is my first look.

Kushar from Egypt


Kushar from Egypt

Have you ever heard of Kushar?
I’ve not heard of it but there was a line of people.
I took a picture of the food, still could not find what it was.
So I checked it after going back home and found that it is a local food in Egypt made of macaroni. chickpea, lentil, pasta, rice, etc.
Looks like people eat it putting tomato sauce on it.

Smoothies again!


Yes, in this heat of summer, people want fresh juice.
This is Thai food.
I remember I often bought fresh juice or smoothie when I traveled Thailand and the taste was really good.

There was a space with sunshade and table in which people can enjoy food.
In front of this space was a stage where talk show, dance show, live music, etc. are held.

Space with shade and table

I found another new item!
Light bulb soda?

Light bulb soda from Korea

Looks like using coloring or chemicals at first look, but natural coloring must be used.
As I did not know this drink, I checked it and found that it is a drink originated in Korea.
Looks like it is popular as a instagrammable drink for its unique look.

Loving Hut is worldwide vegan restaurant.
It has its restaurant in Jinbocyo in Tokyo.
I haven’t been to the restaurant so I want to visit it someday.

Loving Hut

You can buy veggie food here.

Veggie food

Japanese style!

Warabi Mochi

Japanese sweet Warabi Mochi was sold there.
It is made with bracken starch, toasted soybean flour, brown sugar.
I like it very much.
It says selected clear water, domestic soybean, etc. are used.

It is cool!
It sells organic beer.

Organic Beer

Here you can buy avocado taco rice, gaprao, fired potato, etc.
Looks like they sell Thai food!

Thai Food

2nd Loving Hut.
Daikon mochi?
Looks like a special shop focusing only on Daikon mochi.
Daikon is Japanese radish and mochi is rice cake.
I think I had it somewhere before and the taste was very good.

Loving Hut

This is booth of NPO animal rights center.
I often saw the NPO in Earth Day.
It always tells us terrible reality of meat we eat.

Booth of NPO Animal Rights Center

It was lunch time and I walked around all over but did not eat anything as summer heat took all my appetite away.
Still I can drink.
Being attracted cute station wagon I bought shaved ice.

cute station wagon of Shaved Ice

cute station wagon of Shaved Ice

I chose Matcha green tea flavor.
Must-thing in summer in Japan.
It was a refreshing!

Matcha green tea flavor Shaved Ice

There was a also place introducing vegetarian culture..
I could see animation video there.

Animation Video

After filling out the questionnaire, I could get a vegan cookie.

Vegan Cookie

I think I saw about 30 shops in this GREEN FOOD FESTIVAL.
It was certainly very hot day but I had a great time.
Here Ueno park is also famous for sakura or cherry blossom that please come visit if you have a chance to visit Tokyo in spring!


5-20 Taito-ku, Tokyo
Google Map:

Ueno Station (JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Takasaki Line)

Takenodai Plaza in Ueno Onshi Park

16th and 17th July

Opening Time
10:00 – 18:00


Google Map of GREEN FOOD FESTIVAL in Ueno