ALISHAN PARK (Yoyogi Park)(Harajuku)

Vegan Menu Vegetarian Menu

Alishan Park Veggie Burger

5-63-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Google Map :

Sangubashi Station
Yoyogi Hachiman Station
Harajuku Station

090-9680-7331 (+81-90-9680-7331)

40 Seats

Opening Hours
7:30 – 18:00

Shop Holidays
Wednesday and Thursday


Alishan Park opened in front of Yoyogi Park!

This is the new cafe of Alishan Cafe which is located in Hanno in Saitamta Prefecture.

I once worked for Alishan Cafe long time ago, so I wanted to visit this new cafe!

It’s new but I felt a bit nostalgic when I went inside!

Access to the Alishan Park

Alishan Park

This time I went to the cafe from Harajuku Station but it took about 20 to 30 minutes on foot.

Nearest station is Yoyogi Hachiman Station or Sangubashi Station on Odakyu Line and it’s about 5 to 10 minutes from either of the station.

If you get off Yoyogi Hachiman Station, you can find Inogashira Street in front and go down the street to the left.
Walk down the street about 500 meters and you’ll find Alishan Park on your left.

If you get off Sangubashi Station, you can find Inogashira Street in front and go down the street to the right.
Walk down the street about 700 meters and you’ll find Alishan Park on your right.

If you get off Harajuku Station, shortcut is go right through Yoyogi Park.

Go to the fountain and pond in center of Yoyogi Park from where cross the park to the left diagonal direction.

Eventually, you’ll find stone steps which lead to Inogashira street.
You can find traffic light of Yoyogi Kamizono Cho (代々木神園町) in front, there cross the street and turn right.

Walk down the street about 100 meters and you’ll find Alishan Park on your left.

To Alishan Park

Alishan Park

This time I went to the Alishan Park with my friends from Harajuku Station

We went right through Yoyogi Park and reached to Inogashira Street, the other side of the park.
Went down the street to the right in a few minutes and got to the Alishan Park.

It was between 20 and 30 minutes on foot from Harajuku Station.

Yoyogi Park along the way was refreshing as it was a sunny day.
Friends’s children also enjoyed tagging and searching for butterflies.

Yoyogi Park

Second Floor

Alishan Park Second Floor

I was a bit worried about if there were enough seats available but many there were.

“There are table seats upstairs as well”
The staff told me, so I went upstairs.

The moment I went upstairs, I thought, yes, I decided to stay here.
I felt very comfortable and a bit nostalgic.

Alishan Park Second Floor

Maybe that’s because the tables and seats are like the ones used in Alishan Cafe in Hanno or the layout.
Anyway I feel comfortable.

The staff told me it’s OK to change the layout of the tables, so we put together some tables.

Order Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu of Alishan Park

There were following menus at lunch time between 11 am to 4 pm.

  • Veggie Burger Plate : 1600 yen
  • Beans and Seasonal Vegetable Curry Plate : 1500 yen
  • Sandwich Soup Plate : 1400 yen
  • Sandwich : 1000 yen
  • Grilled Cheese Toast : 850 yen
  • Grilled Vegan Cheese Toast : 1000 yen
  • Seasonal Soup : 500 yen

All the menus are organic and made with only vegetables

I know this is typical but I want to eat Veggie Burger!
So I ordered Veggie Burger Plate!

I thought I could order here but the staff tole me they accept orders only on the 1st floor.
Oh, I see, self-service, so we went down and ordered menu we chose.

Small Talk with the Staff

Alishan Park

While ordering, the staff asked me from where I found this cafe, so I replied I once worked for Alishan Cafe in Hanno that I knew this cafe as well.

“Oh, I see, that’s why, then you might know her K-san over there”

Looking at the seat in the very back and oh, yes, I know!
I think the last time I met her was over decade ago when she was maybe in elementary school but I still remember.

“Yes, I know her but the last time we met was long time, so she doesn’t remember me, I think”
I told.

“No, I kind of remember you, you sometimes hold events at Alishan Cafe”
K-san replied

That was a big surprise she still remembers me!

K-san is a daughter of the owner of Alishan Cafe.
We talked a lot about Alishan Cafe and opening of this Alishan Park.

I asked her if she try YouTube for advertisement of Alishan Park and she told me not yet for YouTube but have Instagram of Alishan Park.

Here is the Instagram of Alishan Park.

Various workshop they hold from now on using third floor of the cafe, she told me.
I didn’t know that this cafe has even third floor.

Anyway, it was impressive to see her grown up as a great adult.

Veggie Burger Plate was Tasty!

Veggie Burger of Alishan Park

While talking on the 1st floor, Veggie Burger Plate was ready!

I go back to the 2nd floor!

The vegetables used for the burger are lettuce, tomato, mushroom, carrot, etc.
I added an option of soy cheese that this is Veggie Cheese Burger.

Veggie Burger of Alishan Park


One word, nostalgic taste!

This is the burger I enjoyed at Alishan Cafe!

The veggie patty made with crushed wheat is tasty!

Added soy cheese was right, the taste was real cheese burger.
That’s surprising this cheese is made from soybeans!

It is also substantial!

First, I was going to eat it directly using my hands but I felt like I would spill the vegetables inside the burger, so I used fork.
Rather, I should have used knife to cut and eat it.

For drink, I ordered Inka Coffee.

I often ordered this Inka Coffee when I went to the Alishan Cafe and it was very tasty!
You can enjoy the taste of grains!

It is also eco-friendly they use straw made of aluminum!
Inka Coffee of Alishan Park

I recommend this special coffee for those who always drink an ordinary coffee!

Purchase Vegan and Veggie foods on the First Floor

Vegan Foods of Alishan Park I bought

On the 1st floor, a verity of vegan and veggie foods are sold.

You can actually buy some of the ingredients used for the menu of Alishan Park here.

So I bought some vegan foods before going back.

Cookies are highly recommended as they are very tasty!
I bought two types of cookies this time.

Other than that, natural brownie looked good so I bought it!

I could also find canned tuna.
Veggie tuna is very rare that I bought it, too!

I enjoyed them after went back home.


Alishan park was very comfortable.
My friends’ children also enjoyed drawing on the table.

There was a customer with a dog on the 1st floor.
There is a dog-run in Yoyogi Park and you can drop in while taking a walk.

Cafe and restaurants located around Omotesando Exit of Harajuku Station are always crowded with people, so Alishan Park, which is located in the opposite side, is a kind of secret spot.

I recommend Alishan Park who want to have a relaxed time with a child, family and friends.

I forgot to try sweets at the cafe that I’m going to visit Alishan Park again when I go to Harajuku.

Google Map of the Alishan Park