Tsurushiko Jiyugaoka

Non-Vegetarian Menu Vegan Noodles

Tsurushiko Jiyugaoka
Source : Tsurushiko Jiyugaoka

1-23-4 Jiyugaoka Meguro, Tokyo
Google Map : https://goo.gl/maps/xBxJtUQUN7JyHWV77

Jiyugaoka Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line)

03-6421-4412 (+81-3-6421-4412)

About 10 Seats

Opening Hours
11:30 – 16:00 (Last Order : 15:30) (Lunch Time)
17:30 – 21:00 (Last Order : 20:30) (Dinner Time)

Shop Holidays


Tsurushiko is the place you can enjoy vegan noodles.
It is a chain shop and I’ve been to its shop in Shibuya before.

Not all vegan or vegetarian noodles but they also have vegan noodles.
So far, I could find 4 types of its vegan noodles on the website.

Noodles they serve are called Reimen in Japanese and originally from Korean Peninsula.

After introduction to Japan, it was arranged in Japanese style and became a specialty in Morioka in Iwate Prefecture.

Here in Tsurushiko, they serve the noodles without using MSG.

They also focus on the water for the soup.
The water is from Iwaizumi, which is an area known as the home of one of the 100 Best Natural Waters in Japan.

I could enjoy its chewy texture at the shop in Shibuya.

Reimen is usually cold style but you can enjoy both cold and warm style noodles here.

Google Map of Tsurushiko Jiyugaoka