Review of Japanese Vegan Subscription Service GoodGoodMart!

GoodGoodMart (Vegan Subscription Service)

Now popularity of organic delivery service has been increasing.

And here I noticed that some delivery services for vegan and vegetarian have been appearing now.

One of them is GoodGoodMart!
Delivery service focused only on vegan foods.

I was curious about it, so I ordered it this time.
I introduce GoodGoodMart with my review here.

What is GoodGoodMart?

GoodGoodMart (Vegan Subscription Service)

GoodGoodMart is a delivery service focused just on vegan foods.

You can receive assort set of plant-based foods once a month if you choose regular service.
Using skip function, you can order only when you need it.

The foods are not only vegan but also made without artificial flavorings.

Various Types of Vegan Assorted Set

Depends on your taste and on the price, there are 10 types assorted plant-based foods Set.

From a special set just for snacks and candies to a set assorted various vegan foods prepared.

This time I ordered Plant Base Monthly BOX.
I introduce the review later.

  • ・Good Good Bargain Set:About $28 (3117 yen)
  • ・Plant Base Monthly BOX:About $40 (4500 yen)
  • ・Weekend Veggie Lunch Week BOX:About $38 (4280 yen)
  • ・Vegan Snacks (and candies) Monthly BOX:About $18 (2050 yen)
  • ・Eatable Size Plant Base Monthly BOX:About $28 (3200 yen)
  • ・Vegan Curry 10 Types Taste-test Set:About $50 (5480 yen)
  • ・Zubora (Lazy) VEGAN Set:About $116 (12960 yen)
  • ・VEGAN Snacks (and Candies) 10 Types Assorted:About $32 (3600 yen)
  • ・Plant Base Fully Enjoyment BOX:About $65 (7300 yen)
  • ・Plant Base Beginner BOX:About $42 (4920 yen)

Some items on sale price

You can buy some foods or products on sale when they get slight damage on the package, the sell-by date is short, etc.

They are sold at about 10 to 30% discount price from the standard price.

Mapo Tofu and instant ramen of soy beans, trial set of cosmetics, etc. various types of foods and items are sold at a discount price.

You can select category from Gluten-free, Allergy-friendly, etc.

Foods of GoodGoodMart are able to choose from categories such as gluten-free, allergy-friendly, etc.

You can choose from following 12 categories.

But I wonder if they needed to make some categories such as Plant base, No artificial flavorings, Additive-free, etc. as that’s applicable to all the foods and items sold here.

  • ・Plant base
  • ・Natural Organic
  • ・No artificial flavorings
  • ・Additive-free
  • ・Gluten-free
  • ・Allergy-friendly
  • ・Assistance developing countries
  • ・Reduction of food loss
  • ・Eco-friendly
  • ・Small producers
  • ・Cruelty-free
  • ・Social welfare contribution

Review of Plant Base Monthly BOX of GoodGoodMart!

Various Types of Vegan Assorted Set of GoodGoodMart

Ordered GoodGoodMart Plant Base Monthly BOX.

Following 10 items were inside of the box!
From Cup Nooodles, pasta, curry to sweets, wide variety of vegan foods I could find!

Plant Base Monthly BOX of GoodGoodMart
  • ・Vegan Noodle of T’s Tantan
  • ・Brown Rice Pasta
  • ・Additive-free Thick Almond Milk
  • ・Domestic Brown Rice with Multi-Grain of Chaya Macrobi
  • ・CHOCO BARREL (Vegan Pudding)
  • ・Kari Kari of Vegetable (Vegetable Non-fried Snack)
  • ・Bolognese of Takakibi (Millet) and Potherb
  • ・Keema curry of Millets and Mushroom
  • ・Soy Mayonnaise Made by Domestic Soy Beans
  • ・Dressing of Carrot and Yuzu (Citrus junos)

I introduce review of each items (Not all the items but some of them which I tried so far).

Vegan Noodle of T’s Tantan

Vegan Noodle of T’s Tantan

T’s Tantan is very famous restaurant among vegan and vegetarian people.

Its headquarter is located in Jiyugaoka in Tokyo.

They also have restaurants inside Tokyo Station and Ueno Station.
I’ve been to both and the Tan-tan noodles were very tasty!

That cup noodle of T’s tantan was inside of the box.
Actually, I’ve already had the cup noodle of T’s tantan.

But I like it, so no problem!

How to make is also easy.
Just like an ordinary cup noodle, you only wait a couple of minutes after pouring hot water inside.

The taste was, yes, a bit spicy and tasty as usual!

How they can make this great taste only from vegetables, I wonder.

This time, it was standard noodle but there are also other flavors such as soy sauce and soutane (Hot and sour soup).

Brown Rice Pasta

Brown Rice Pasta

I think this is the first time to me to eat brown rice pasta.

I was impressed by the taste!

It was chewy pasta.
I made cold pasta and it was smooth on the way down.

Because of the pasta made with brown rice, it was filling.

And as it is also gluten-free pasta, recommended for those who have allergy to wheat!

Additive-free Thick Almond Milk

Additive-free Thick Almond Milk

I think trying milk of almond is also first time to me although I always drink soy milk.

It was smooth and easy to drink.
Certainly, I could taste almond.

Light sweetness I could also taste.
Is this the sweetness of the almond itself, I wondered.

Checking the package to find that it added beat sugar.
Looks like there is also no-sugar type.

I felt like it is easier to drink than soy milk.

As it was tasty, I want to buy this almond milk again.

Recommended for those who have allergy to soy beans.

Domestic Brown Rice with Multi-Grain of Chaya Macrobi

Domestic Brown Rice with Multi-Grain of Chaya Macrobi

Chaya Macrobi is also very famous restaurant among vegan and vegetarian in Japan.

I’ve also been to the store in Shinjuku several times.

You can have this brown rice with multi-grain after nuke or boil it.

5 types of millets were mixed with the brown rice.

I could enjoy chewy texture of brown rice with millets.

Just one point I felt a bit disappointed was that it was hard to take out the brown rice from the package as they stuck to the package.

Not only this item but there are packaged items which are hard to take the food out sometimes.

Maybe ordinary plastic package is better than this kind of thin package for pre-packaged rice.
Although this ordinary plastic also have the another problem of creating garbage. 

CHOCO BARREL (Vegan Pudding)

CHOCO BARREL (Vegan Pudding)

Just one word, tasty!

Vegan choco pudding with very smooth texture.

Made based on coconut milk and soy milk.
Adding agar agar and kudzu starch to it creates smooth texture, they say.

I want to try this vegan sweet again, I felt.

Kari Kari of Vegetable Pumpkin Flavor (Vegetable Non-fried Snack)

Kari Kari of Vegetable Pumpkin Flavor (Vegetable Non-fried Snack)

Literally, Kari Kari (Crispy) and addictive taste!

This Kari Kari of Vegetable was pumpkin flavor but there are also flavor of carrot, burdock, spinach, onion, etc.

The pumpkin used for it was made in Nagasaki Prefecture.

It was slightly sweet and tasty.
I could enjoy the sweetness of pumpkin itself. 

It was non-fried, so healthier than deep-fried snacks.

Became addicted!!

Summary of Vegan Subscription GoodGoodMart!

I subscribe some organic vegetable delivery services but subscription focused only on vegan foods was first experience to me.

It was good I could enjoy various kinds of vegan foods from this box set.
I could even try some vegan foods which I don’t buy by myself.

Not only supermarket but even delivery service we can use to enjoy vegan and vegetarian foods today.

I want this kind of service for vegan and vegetarian to spread more and more.