2nd Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2017 in Tokyo


Organic Lifestyle EXPO

I did not know this event so I was excited to know this event.
Looks like this is 2nd time of this expo.
Literally it is an expo all about organic.
I could see so many organic items in this expo.
I’d like to share a part of how it was in this article with pictures.




What I could see first was booth of patagonia.
Famous outdoor brand, isn’t it.
Since its foundation in 1973 in California, it has been working on environmental issue through outdoor.

But I did not know they also work on food field at the same time.
They sell organic soup, natural energy bar, wild salmon, etc.

Organic ramen and Udon from SAKURAI FOODS

Organic ramen and Udon.
They are both non-fried veggie noodles.
This is from SAKURAI FOODS.


Furoshi is a wrapping cloth.
In the old days, people used it to carry things and it was useful as it can fit anything by its wrapping methods.
No need to buy plastic bag as it can be used repeatedly.
Furoshi is revalued these days.


I could find chopsticks, too.

Booth of no chemical house

This was a booth of no chemical house.
The house is made focusing on natural stuffs.
I remember straw bale house.

Natural Funeral

Natural funeral!
First time to hear!

For this natural funeral, timbers from forest thinning are used.
And natural foods and gift are used for the package related to the funeral.
It is not until I visit this place that I know the most of the lumbers used for coffins in Japan are natural woods cut from rainforest.

I also wonder if there is eco-friendly way for funeral itself rather than cremation.


Polan is famous company for organic foods.
It delivers its foods nationwide.

Fair trade chocolate

Fair trade chocolate!
This is from Yatsumoto Tsusho Co., Ltd.
This chocolate of stella is from Switzerland.

I myself visited Switzerland 5 years ago and enjoyed chocolate of fair trade often.
Surprising thing was all the chocolates were very cheap, I think the price of fair trade chocolate is a third or less compared to that of Japan.
So I could enjoy fair trade chocolate almost every day, haha.

Organic coffee

Organic coffee.
This is from universal trading Co., Ltd.
It mainly handles outdoor goods for more than 40 years.
I could tasted the hot coffee and was good taste.

Now Japan is summer so I drink cold-brewed iced coffee of fair trade almost everyday.

Musubi Garden

Musubi garden.
Musubi garden has its shop in Setagaya ward and meguro ward.
I found green beans chips!
It is my favorite so I bought it along with green pepper.



Next to Musubi garden, I found gelato!

This is from Muso.
Muso is also famous company for organic.

All the gelato were made of soybeans.
And I like ice cream very much so there was no choice!

There were vanilla, strawberry and matcha green tea.
I was torn as all looked good but chose matcha green tea flavor!

Gelato of Match Flavor

Gelato of Match Flavor

Taste was really good, it was real matcha taste!
The ingredients were all made from organic!

Organic Coffee from DAABON

Organic coffee
DAABON offers sustainable organic coffee from Columbia.


It is a convenience store but I sometimes see NATURAL LAWSON in Tokyo which specializes in eco-friendly items.
People were tasting fresh fair trade coffee.

Foods of LAWSON

There are also lunch box, oh, even vegan pasta and lunch box, all look good!
It has also organic farm called LAWSON FARM.


This product HAKU is from Tottori Prefecture.
It is made from organic cotton.
It is said that cotton-making spread nationwide from this Tottori Prefecture more than 300 years ago.

T-shirt of Organic Cotton

There were many T-shirt made from organic cotton displayed!

Soy Sauce of Yugeta Shoyu

Yugeta Shoyu!
I always use soy sauce of Yugeta Shoyu.

Soy Sauce of Yugeta Shoyu

It is made from selected beans, wheat, etc.
Depends on the type it is made from all organic ingredients.
Price is a bit expensive compared to ordinary soy sauce but taste is really good so it’s worth it!

Solar panel

Solar panel.
The stuff told me they introduce electricity which is made in natural way and you can see who made it.
Since Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster caused by earthquake and Tsunami in 2017, many Japanese came to think safety or other way of making electricity more than ever before.

Now we can choose the electricity!

Wan no hana

Organic foods for dog.
Wan no hana handles shampoo, cream, toy, etc. as well as food for dog.
I could see this shop several times in earth day Tokyo.

Dolls of Dogs of Wan no hana

Dolls of dogs are cute.

Traditional Japanese sweets

Traditional Japanese sweets.
The booth was popular with many people.

Ethicalcosme Town

Ethicalcosme Town.
At this section, I could see many cosmetic company.

soap of Aleppo

I found soap of Aleppo.
This is very famous company for its soap of Aleppo.
The soap is made in a traditional way of Kamadaki.
It is made from olive oil and laurel oil in the Mediterranean region without using any additives.

The stuff give me a sample!
I could not buy the soap because of the price although I knew it’s worth it so it was a great gift!
Next time I buy it!


Doughnuts of floresta!
Floresta makes doughnuts without using chemicals and focusing on natural domestic ingredients.
One of the shops is in Koenji and I visited there for buying its unique anime character doughnut of Chibimaruko-chan.
If you want to see how it was, here is the link.
Chibi Maruko Chan and Cute Doughnuts of Floresta

Doughnuts of Floresta

But this time what they sell was all organic doughnuts.
I could taste sample and it was certainly natural taste of doughnuts!
The stuff told me this organic doughnut is special one only for today.

Food Shop

Place to eat food

At this section, you can enjoy foods you bought at a table.


Found veggy!
I sometimes see its magazine at the shop.
It is a magazine focusing on vegan and vegetarian things.

Raddish Boya

Raddish Boya.
This company deliver organic foods.
One of the famous companies in this field.

Cool bicycle

Found cool bicycle!
It would be nice if I could encounter this bicycle selling juice and smoothie in the street.

Grace Farm

Grace Farm.

Blue berry and Oriental melon

Here I could taste blue berry and Oriental melon.

One of the stuffs told me they offer organic lunch for kindergarten.
Its concept is to protect lives of child and family.
The man gave me sample looked like in his early twenties but a farmer of this farm.


I bought tomatoes here!


Edible rose?
News to me!
ROSE LABO handles jam, cookies, candies, etc, made from rose or edible flowers.
I did not have the idea of edible rose!

Organic Gareden of Fu:gasha

Organic Gareden!
This is from Fu:gasha.
It is 31th anniversary of the company.
They focus on natural garden using chemical-free soil.

I remember permaculture design.

Shiso soda pop

Shiso soda pop?
Today I encounter with many new things.

Shiso is Japanese herb.
This Shiso is made without using chemicals in natural farming.
But I’ve never heard of soda pop of Shiso.

Shiso soda pop

I could taste it.
Yes, certainly it is taste of Shiso!
It contains polyphenol in it so it might be one of the healthy juices.

Rice syrup

This is rice syrup!
Rice syrup is sometimes used instead of white sugar at macrobiotic or organic restaurant.


ALISHAN exports organic foods and has a vegetarian cafe in Saitama Prefecture.

I myself worked there as a cook for a short time about 15 years ago.
I’m not saying this as I was once worked there but the cafe is really recommended for both taste and its location surrounded by nature.

Green Beans Chips of ALISHAN

Cookie of Alishan

I bought my favorite green soybeans chips and cookie.
Wait, didn’t I buy same chips already?


What I took was a part of the event.
There were many talk show, shop, tasting or sampling that I could not introduce here.
I did not imagine this event was such a big event like this.

About 15 years ago, when I started to get involved in organic or environmental issues, the market was not big or famous.
But now I often see organic product, event, etc. in daily life.
I think it is an evidence more and more people are taking interested in organic or eco-friendly lifestyle.
I’m really glad to see there are many people working on environmental issues while enjoying everyday life.

It is great if we could see the future we don’t bother to call eco-friendly for every things anymore!

Organic Lifestyle EXPO


3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/V2YhUqUPzFk

Yurakucho Station (JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Takasaki Line)

Tokyo International Forum

29th and 30th July 2017

Opening Time
10:00 – 17:00

2nd Organic Lifestyle EXPO

Google Map of 2nd Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2017 in Tokyo