Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian

Vegan Menu Japanese Shojin Cuisine

Komaki Shokudo Kamakura Fukushian

8-2, Neribeicho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Google Map : https://goo.gl/VVVOrv

Akihabara Station (Yamanote, Soumu, Cyuo, Keihintouhoku lines)

03-5577-5358 (+81-3-5577-5358)

About 20

Opening Hours
11:00 – 20:00 (Last Order : 19:30)

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Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian was located inside CHABARA which is a big shopping place.
It was at the corner of this shopping place.

Stuff or owner? asked me to choose main menu from upper glass case and 2 side dishes from lower glass case at the entrance.

Menu of Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian

Menu of Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian

For main dish, there were, koya Tofu with starchy sauce on top, fried Kuruma-bu (kuruma-bu is wheel-shaped gluten cakes), vegan curry, etc.
For side dish, there were cabbage dressed with sesame sauce, marinated red turnip, Japanese mustard spinach in lightly-flavored stock,etc.

I was wondering which ones I should choose as all looked good.
After a long thought I decided to go for fried Kuruma-bu, marinated red turnip and stir-fried cabbage seasoned with curry powder.
She also asked me for type of rice as there was an option of enzyme brown rice.
If you choose this enzyme brown rice you need to pay 100 yen (about $1) but it is a rare chance that I chose this enzyme brown rice.

As it was weekday and rainy day there were just 4 business man and woman other than me.

Seats of Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian

After about 10 minutes, the dish finally came!

Menu of Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian

Looks good!

Kuruma-bu was really crispy, it was freshly-fried that I could enjoy the crisp texture, too.
Brown sauce put on it tastes like mixture of fruits and vegetables and I thought this is a handmade sauce.
Marinated red turnip was sour-sweet and increased my appetite.
Miso soup was also tasty and I could enjoy hearty taste of Konbu Dashi or kelp broth.
All the dishes were mild taste.

By the way, it was my first time to eat soup by mug cup.
It was interesting experience but I also found it is easy to eat.
Here you can enjoy Japanese Shojin or Zen style cuisine.

I also recommend you to check items inside this shopping place CHABARA.
It was very interesting as I could find many unique local foods in each Prefecture in Japan.
You can enjoy both vegan dishes and shopping here.

Another Introduction

Food is something nature a heart.
This is the concept of Komaki Syokudo Kamakura Fushikian.
Each cuisine offered in Komaki Syokudo is rich in Japanese food culture.
Animal products, white sugar, dairy product, green onion, leek, garlic are not used.
Chef has a career of chef in Rinzai school Kencyo Temple.
You can enjoy Shoujin Cusine or vegetarian diet here.

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