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Kichijo BLD. 2F 2-14-7 Kichijoji honmachi Musashino-city,Tokyo
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Kichijoji Station (Chuo line)

0422-21-6220 (+81-422-21-6220)

Opening Hours
11:30 – 17:00 (Last Order : 16:00)

Shop Holidays
Irregular Holidays


Cuisine of Deva Deva Cafe is made in the concept of wisdom of Vegetarianism that has taken from mainly Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria, India.
Natural ingredients without, white sugar, chemicals, food additives entertains you.

For pizza, it uses ordinary cheese but there is an alternative option of cheese made with soy milk and okara for vegan.

This cafe is popular for its veggie burger called “Yogi Burger”.
Selected ingredients such as handmade natural yeast, whole grain buns, organic soy mayo, etc. are used.

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